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Spring Carpet Cleaning Guide

Spring Carpet Cleaning Guide

Everyone in the Mid-South is accustomed to the spring rains that brings the blooming plants, flowers, grass and mud that are part of the season. These elements create their own set of problems for carpeting, hardwood floors and the rugs in your home. Let our experts show you how to remove mud, grass stains and pollen dusts from your carpets and rugs. Print the guide below and put it in the cleaning closet for a quick reminder on how to treat springtime stains.


1. Scrape or blot up excess spill

2. APPLY dry banking soda

3. Scrape and vacuum

4. WATER - use damp sponge to rinse remaining baking soda - don’t over wet

5. Blot—don’t rub

6. Apply Detergent solution— onto a damp towel

7. Water - rinse as above

8. Blot—don’t rub—dry well

9. Apply dry powder cleaner

10. Vacuum


1. Apply a dry cleaning solvent - onto a damp towel

2. Blot - don’t rub

3. Repeat solvent application as above.  Do not apply directly to carpet

4. Blot - don’t rub

5. Water - apply with a damp towel

6. BLOT - finish with weighted pad of paper towels


1. Scrape or Blot up excess spill

2. Apply Detergent solution -  onto a damp towel

3. Blot - don’t rub

4. Apply white vinegar (undiluted) - using a damp towel

5. Blot - don’t rub

6. WATER - apply with damp sponge

7. BLOT - finish with weighted pad of paper towels


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