Flooring Installation

Preparing for Installation

When buying new flooring, there are a lot of decisions to be made, such as color, style, quality, and warranties best suited for you. At Kiser's Floor Fashions, we try to meet the needs of our customers completely.

There are times though that we need some help from our customers before we start installing the new flooring. Our installers are able to take care of most of the furnishing in the home, but there are some things that the customer can move before their installation day that will speed things up for the installers.

Below is a list of suggestions that will help a great deal and would be greatly appreciated.

  • Remove any and all valuables.
  • Go ahead and empty or move fish tanks, terrariums, pet boxes, food dishes, etc. to other areas not receiving new floor coverings.
  • Remove anything in the floor of closets (shoes, boxes, guns, magazines, clothes, etc).
  • Plants, planters, plant stands, etc.
  • Remove books from shelves or magazine racks that need to be moved in order to cover underneath with flooring.
  • Ash trays, figurines, flower vases from coffee or end tables.
  • Remove dishes, glassware, collectables from hutches or curio cabinets.
  • Remove lamps from endtables.
  • Remove boxes or articles from under beds.
  • Disconnect electronic equipment (vcr's, tv's, stereos, computers, etc.). We will move these things for you, but we do not re-connect them.
  • Remove toys, games, or hobby materials, (train sets, architectural models, etc).
  • Disassemble WATER BEDS.
  • Strips sheets and blankets from the beds.
  • Remove breakables from the walls.
  • Remove anything else small that you may be able to move.
  • Electrical/Plumbing - please disconnect any wiring or plumbing. Your installer is not repsonsible for removal, disconnecting, or connecting these items.
  • Door Cutting - should the new flooring make doors difficult to operate, your local lumber yard has some names of carpenters who are available to do this type of work. The installers will remove the doors to install flooring and replace them if they do not require cutting.
  • Power, heat, and floors - be sure your power is on for the installers electrical tools and the room temperature is at least 65 degrees. Floors should be dry and clean.

Caution: When moving furniture or appliances back into a room, be careful of pushing or dragging the items so they will not damage your new floor covering.

Not Ready?

If you will not be ready for your installers on the appointed date, please call your salesperson at least one week in advance so that he/she can reschedule your installation for you.


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